Elder & Deacon Nomination Ballot


The term of the following Elders contionues in 2021: Rick Atkinson '23, Brent Diehl '23, Larry Grubbs '23, Gary Siliven '23. Due to term limits this Elder is stepping down: Rick Rose.

The terms of these Deacons continue in 2021: Kirk Bodenweiser '23, Tom Cheshire '23, Kevin Duffy '23, Manuel DeLaVina '21, Tom Jones '23, Hernando Ramirez '23, Justyn Shirey '21. Due to term limits these Deacons are stepping down: Robert Mayes, Ken Meech.

A man must have been a member for at least one year to be eligible for nomination (you don't need to worry about this, the Nomination Committee will determine eligibility). No one listed here should be nominated as they are already an Elder or Deacon, or are stepping down due to term limits (3 years).

This Nomination Ballot will be sent to the NBCC Office automatically and must be completed, and sent to NBCC, no later than Sunday, November 1, 2020.

Sample entry:
Spencer Sharp - Deacon